Bulk File-Extension Changer

Change the extension of hundreds of files in a snap!!

Situation:  you are stuck with 20 text files with the extension CSV and you have a need to change that extension to TXT. It will take about minute to change all those to TXT. Well what will you do if you are stuck with 200 files or 500 files or 5000 files, you get the point...

Now say Hello to RenameEXT!! RenameEXT is a very simple but powerful tool that can change the Extensions of as many files as there are in a given folder. Drop the RenameEXT.exe file in the folder, where you have all these files and double-click. Just follow the prompts by Entering the "What extension you want to change?" and "to what?" and you are all set to go. It provides you a log of the files renamed and the total count of the file updated.

Free Download


The Demo showcases 288 JPEG files being changed to JPG.
Click here to download the actual PowerPoint Presentation. Click here for a quick web Demonstration(IE).
slide show of the demo(no PowerPoint needed).

Developer: Challa.Info
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